When you visit the Wren website, some browsing-related information on your device (computer, Smartphone, tablet etc.) is likely to be recorded in files called "cookies" and stored on your device.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file containing a snippet of information which a website can place on your computer or mobile device while you are using the website. It is normally used to identify your browser session or interaction with the website from everyone else's on the internet for a particular website.

You can think of it like a post-it note the website leaves on your browser to remind the website of something when you move from page to page or return to the website at a later stage.

Cookies CAN:

Only store information you have given explicitly or metrics you have already provided by interacting with the website.

Cookies CAN`T:

Read, steal or send information from your computer

What are the different types of cookies?

There are several categories of cookies:

Social networks which offer these application buttons can identify you by these buttons, even if you did not click on one of them when you visited our site. Indeed, some Cookies allow the social network concerned to follow your navigation on our site whenever your social network account is activated on your device when at the same time, you are on our site.

We have no control over the procedures social networks use to collect information about your navigation on our site. Please read these social networks privacy policies regarding personal data. These should allow you to exercise certain privacy options with these social networks, in particular by adjusting your user accounts for each of these networks.

Why do we use Cookies?

Cookies help us to improve the quality of your browsing experience when visiting our website. This technical process primarily allows us to:

Important: Advertisements or links to third-party websites may be included on our websites. Your personal details may be collected by third parties when you click on these links. This Charter does not cover visits to third-party websites. Wren cannot be held responsible for the policy of third-parties regarding personal details and the use thereof.

We respect your privacy and will never knowingly partner with companies who use irresponsible or negligent practices and techniques. Suppliers are vetted before any functionality is added onto our website. Like everything else technology is evolving constantly so changes may be made to 3rd party technology without us knowing. We do monitor and take a proactive role in protecting your privacy and will immediately remove features if any irresponsible or negligent behaviour from any partners or technology providers becomes known to us.

Your Consent to This Privacy Policy

Use of either the Wren website signifies your consent, as well as the consent of the company for whom you use the website and whose information you submit (if any), to this on-line Privacy Policy, including the collection and use of information by Wren, as described in this statement, and also signifies agreement to the terms of use for said websites. Continued access and use of the website or websites without acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy relieves Wren from responsibility to the user.